How I treated a tooth abscess naturally

How I treated a tooth abscess naturally.

No Doctors, No Dentist and No Drugs!

It all started Monday morning (as things often do) Over Easter I had been eating all sorts of food and treats that I do not eat now with my vegan lifestyle. I woke up Monday morning with a swollen face and a painful gum. I had had some trouble with this tooth before and it had not improved seeing the dentist. This time I vowed to myself “No doctors, no dentists and definitely no drugs!” This time it was all going to be treated naturally. I had give myself a week to heal it naturally and luckily we were on school holidays so it did not matter too much if I looked like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson (substitute today’s most popular boxer).

I set myself up with a warm poultice of chamomile, marigold and mint tea (courtesy of Jane Wilmer my co-coach) and a flannel wrapped in an ice pack. I stocked up on kiwi fruit and a large variety of organic green vegetables, making sure I had plenty of frozen peas as they are a great source of plant protein. Most importantly I slept and rested with Complete Greens (from Bulk Powders)  in plenty of water. (For a free comprehensive guide on how to choose the best greens powder please click here: Jen’s Review on the best Greens Powders.) I also created clove and coconut oil to use for Tooth Pulling. No this is not a method for pulling out your teeth, it is to swill around the mouth as long as possible to kill any germs and/or bacteria. In my case I only managed 5 minutes before my jaw muscle started to ache.

Most of all I kept a positive attitude, telling myself that this inconvenience was a lesson that I am grateful for. It made me rest up and look after myself more. Tuesday morning my gum had developed an abscess, luckily I had already had a healing session booked with my a friend and healing colleagues. I totally trusted that she was able to help me.

At my healing session, (and may I add, each healing session with Felicia are totally different from the next) it was discovered that I had a lot of aggression trapped in my stomach meridian coming from a distant past life. I was guided through an exercise to heal the past version of myself and clear any unnecessary energies that may still be affecting me now. It was a very powerful healing session that took me through many different emotions, from sadness, laughing, crying and back again. After this healing I instinctively knew that my abscess was going to heal by Thursday.

I continued looking after myself making and drinking plenty of green smoothies using the green vegetables, holding slices of kiwi fruit on my abscess, relaxing, doing fun things and above all keeping my faith in natural healing. I used a drop of clove oil on my abscess at night so I fell asleep easier. This regime went of until Wednesday afternoon when I had a business meeting.

After our meeting I took my friend out for afternoon tea at a vegan cafe. I made the unfortunate (or was it?) decision to have a slice of lovely, sticky Bakewell cake. It was delicious yet caused my abscess agony, it became really large and painful. After that I just wanted to get home and back to my regime. I pampered my swollen abscess with slices of kiwi, drunk a delicious green smoothy for tea and went to bed.

Thursday morning I awoke and ran my tongue over my gum. Wow I was amazed the swelling on my gum had gone down totally, the abscess had gone. My face was still swollen although it had gone down a lot and I looked far better than the previous day. That morning I went for a lovely dog walk in the woods, I decided to walk bare footed home through the field and the woods. Well I though if I can trust God (the Universe, insert your deity here) to help me heal my abscess then I can trust God to help me walk home safely with bare feet, or perhaps it is best to say BEAR feet!!

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