My dream for children/Future School Research

My dream for children/Future School Research

Children all over the world are suffering needlessly; they are unloved, left, lost and mistreated. Humanity can be so cruel. Children sleep in the street, raid dustbins for food, they live on the scraps from everyone else’s rubbish. What are we doing, these souls are the next generation. They will be the ones making major, life changing decisions about the future of the world.

All children want is love, nurture, good nutrition and a roof over their head. Is this not a human right? There are so many millionaires out there living in their ivory tower with extravagant lives, beautiful wives and healthy children, they never go hungry, they never go cold or sleep on cardboard boxes. If they gave just 1% of their money to a good cause there will be so many less homeless children.

It is our duty as adults to make sure this ends, make sure the feral child is bought home, fed, given shelter. We need to teach these children to be the best they can be. Teach them compassion, teach them to tap into their inner power so they can manifest the well-being of the whole world. Teach them to be kind, thoughtful and generous.

I will help these children from the far flung corners of the globe. I will set up learning centres that not only teach the children academic skills but holistic skills. Teach them to value and love themselves. Teach them to nurture their dreams and their passions so they can build a career that they love and will always financially and emotionally sustain them.

There are countries where there is no education system, it is not needed. There are countries that have a poor state system with unmotivated teachers who work to rule, showing no compassion. There are also countries with such old, antiquated education system that it is falling apart at the seams and is soon to crumble around our ears. These systems are just about numbers and about group achievement not allowing for the more active or the physically skilled.

Children no longer want to sit down and be fed facts and figures they want to embrace learning with all their senses, listening, seeing and doing interactively, in groups learning from each other, learning from their own experience and not from an out of date text book.

Children are now born into this world with an instinctual knowing. They know that there is a different way to earn a living. They know that it is not necessarily the case that working hard brings you the most money. They know that in this new era it will be that working smart will lead to financial security. Smart, as in knowing your passion and making that into your work so your work is your play and your play is your work. Not slogging away for 40 hours a week at a desk in an artificially light stuffy office. They know that the future work place is going to be wherever it may be and that the future working time will be whenever it is required.

They will shake off the hold of the chemical companies that are causing the world and its population so much devastation and disease. They know instinctively that we need to get back to basics. That is, basic raw materials, basic fruit and vegetables for sustenance and nutrition. Working with the world, not against it. Planting woodland to make sustainable dwellings and furnishings. Planting crops to provide natural cloth and clothing. It starts with their education, it starts with US.


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