My Stall

My Stall

My stall is all about nature connection and natural handmade products. Children (or even adults) can make:

  • a natural pendant from a slice of a tree branch;
  • a wizard wand from a hazel stick using a potato peeler to strip the bark off
  • a stick man where the body and feet have be pre-prepared and the child can choose what string they want to make the arms and legs from and thread it through the body.

I also sell natural handmade products and promote all my other activities including holistic tutoring; forest fun; wild retreats and other well-being events.

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My talk/workshop is about the benefits of nature connection, talking about the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of being in nature, the Japanese call it Forest bathing. This talk also includes a meditation to sounds of nature e.g. birdsong, wind in the trees etc. I also tell people about how trees communicate and give off medicinal chemicals.

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