Portfolio mentoring

Portfolio Mentoring

Portfolio is like a more detailed CV which showcases the interests, skills, projects, courses and qualifications that the individual has.

Each portfolio will show that the individual has the following valuable skills:

  • Create a plan
  • Follow a process or plan
  • Learn by emulating an expert
  • Review and refine work, learning from the experience
  • Work in a team
  • Work independently
  • Try an activity that they do not like or challenge

We offer online sessions to guide your child to create their unique skills portfolio. This can help with applications for:

  • Jobs
  • Apprenticeships/Training courses
  • College/University Placements
  • Promoting their own business

Our online team is made up of experts in a variety of different subjects so we can tailor a mentoring package to suit your child. These include:

  • Art and Graphics
  • Computing and Entrepreneurship
  • Confidence and Motivation Coaching
  • Hair and Beauty
  • and more…

One to one, online, home or small group Computer Tuition includes guidance on:

  • File system organisation
  • Using the internet and internet safety
  • Emailing
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

These sessions can be tailored to people of all ages from children to the more mature who are new to technology. They can also be designed specifically to help your child tap into the benefits of computing. Numeracy literacy and life skills can also be incorporated into these sessions.

See more about Sara here

Contact us for an estimate for small group sessions of up to 6 people or contact us to book your session/s.

Computer Tuition

Business Connection

It is important, for people’s self-esteem, that they are doing a job that they love. If someone is doing an activity they enjoy then not only do they have job satisfaction but their customers will be able to see the LOVE and passion that has gone into creating their product or providing their service.

For those already established as self employed or running a Business, coaching can empower you to move forward and increase your productivity. Coaching can also introduce you to labour saving technology and apps to streamline your business and make administration a breeze.

For those who are looking for their first career or want a change in direction we also have the Business Connection Strategy. This covers everything involved in being self-employed and running a small business.

Contents include

Know Thyself – Helping you to find out about yourself.

  •  Know Thyself – Helping you to find out about yourself
  •  The Web of life – How balanced is your life
  •  Your values
  •  Your Business Goals
  •  Your SMART Goal
Business Connection

Behaviourial Workshop

The Who, Why, When, What, and How of challenged teenagers.

Are you working in an environment where you have to deal with people who can flip out and lose conscious control?

Do you need some effective, evidence-based tools to help understand and calm them?

This is a workshop that can be tailored to your environment. It has been created for those who interact with people who have a neurodiverse learning style and who are prone to ‘Flipping out’ and lose conscious control. It covers the following sections:

  • Who can benefit from this workshop?
  • Why people flip?
  • When may people flip?
  • What physically happens?
  • How can we help?

It includes many essential tools that have been proven to be effective if used correctly.

Behaviourial Workshop

The above 30 minute mini-workshop has been created for a SEN Secondary School, however, workshops can be created for Schools and Parent Groups to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Each workshop can contain as much or as little information and activities, as required, at an introductory, intermediate or advanced level depending on the participants.

Please contact us for more details.

Nature Tuition

This is a mix of Natural Mindfulness, Bush-craft, Survival Skills and Forest School for all ages from toddlers to the more mature. Adults can benefit greatly by getting in touch with their inner child and getting out to ‘play’ in the woods just like we did when we were children. It is an opportunity for ‘children’ of all ages to have good old-fashioned FUN, get out in the fresh air, climb trees (depending on their capability), get dirty and most of all enjoy learning about the benefits of exploring nature!

Thank you so much for the great experience! The girls absolutely loved the two days they spent in the woods and can’t wait to do it all again.

Some of the activities can include the following and are *dependent on the venue

  • Bush-craft and survival activities
  • Natural Mindfulness
  • Tree climbing*
  • Meeting new friends and team work
  • Learning about the flora and fauna
  • Snacks and chat time (B.Y.O.)
  • Play on the rope swing*

Everyone will need to wear suitable clothing for the weather, including long trousers and bring a snack and drink. Please bring a picnic mat, yoga mat or a light weight chair (for those less flexible).

The venue will vary. Please Contact Us for availability

Nature Tuition

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